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Upgradeware adapters 370GU and p478
[Titolo originale] New Processors On Old Boards: Adapters From Upgradeware for Socket 370 and Socket 423
Articolo di tom's HARDWARE sugli adapter 370GU (da Socket 370 Coppermine core a Socket 370 Tualatin core) e p480 (da Soket 478 a Socket 423)
External Link,520.html (processors-boards,520.html)
Link veloci Guide
The Red Hill Guide
Total Hardware 1999 - Jumper settings for 18655 devices
tom's HARDWARE - The authority on tech
PC Restorer
Jan Steunebrink Site
Jan Steunebrink - CPU Upgrade: Give your 486 PC a kick with the AMD 5x86 - 133! - Reworking RTC chip
IBM MicroChannel (
IBM MicroChannel ( - Reworking the DS1287 / DS1387 RTC chip
PlayTool - AT/ATX POWER SUPPLY pinout
Pentium FDIV BUG Thomas R. Nicely - Flaw FAQ
Pentium FDIV BUG Dusko Koncaliev
Pentium FIST BUG (Dan 0411) Robert R. Collins - Pentium II Math Bug?
Pentium FIST BUG (Dan 0411) Robert R. Collins - Inside the Pentium II Math Bug
Pentium FIST BUG (Dan 0411) Dusko Koncaliev - Pentium II and Pentium Pro FPU bug
Chris Hare Home Site
Chris Hare - Processor Upgrades FAQ
Chris Hare - 486 Processor Pinouts
Upgradeware adapters 370GU and p478
INFORMIT Processor Sockets and Slots
Datasheet Archive Socket 5 Pinout
Application methods for applying thermal compound
Appunti di informatica libera Daniele Giacomini
3dfx card identify (
3dfx card identify and drivers (3dfxarchive)
3dfx card identify and drivers (falconfly)
AMD K6-2 Overclocking (jphale)
AMD K6-2 Overclocking (tomshardware)
CPU Overclocking (hwupgrade)
Rebuild 486 DX2-66 Enhanced Version WB (vogons)
Voltage converter for 80486 DX4 processors (wikimedia)
Turbo / Deturbo motherboard (oldskool)
Turbo / Deturbo motherboard (wikipedia)
Oldskool Resources
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Da standard IDE Hard Disk a Compact Flash
Clonare un Hard Disk con Windows 98 SE su un "SSD" Compact Flash