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Tutte le pagine Intel Celeron
SL7RU 0F29h
Intel Celeron
Core Steppings
Speed Core Bus
L2 Size Cache Stepping
Package And Revision
31.0 mm FC, Rev 1.0
Doc Source
Intel Celeron Processor in the 478-Pin Package Specification Update
Doc Part
Intel Celeron Processor in the 478-Pin Package Processor Identification Information

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SL2QG 0651hSL2SY 0650hSL2TR 0651hSL2WM 0660hSL2WN 0660hSL2X8 0651hSL2Y2 0651hSL2Y3 0652hSL2Y4 0652hSL2YN 0650hSL2YP 0650hSL2Z7 0650hSL32A 0660hSL32B 0660hSL35Q 0665hSL35R 0665hSL35S 0665hSL36A 0665hSL36B 0665hSL36C 0665hSL376 0660hSL37Q 0660hSL37V 0660hSL37V 0660hSL37X 0665hSL39Z 0660hSL39Z 0660hSL3A2 0665hSL3BA 0665hSL3BC 0660hSL3BC 0660hSL3BS 0665hSL3EH 0665hSL3FL 0665hSL3FY 0665hSL3FZ 0665hSL3LQ 0665hSL3PZ 0665hSL3VS 0683hSL3W6 0683hSL3W7 0683hSL3W8 0683hSL3W9 0683hSL45R 0686hSL46S 0683hSL46T 0683hSL46U 0683hSL48E 0683hSL48F 0683hSL4AB 0683hSL4EG 0683hSL4NW 0686hSL4NX 0686hSL4NY 0686hSL4NZ 0686hSL4P2 0686hSL4P3 0686hSL4P6 0686hSL4P7 0686hSL4P8 0686hSL4P9 0686hSL4PA 0686hSL4PB 0686hSL4PC 0686hSL4QF 0686hSL4TF 0686hSL52X 068AhSL52Y 068AhSL54P 068AhSL54Q 068AhSL5E9 068AhSL5EA 068AhSL5EB 068AhSL5EC 068AhSL5GA 0686hSL5GB 0686hSL5L5 068AhSL5LX 068AhSL5MQ 068AhSL5UZ 068AhSL5V2 068AhSL5VQ 06B1hSL5VR 06B1hSL5WA 068AhSL5WC 068AhSL5WW 068AhSL5WY 068AhSL5XQ 068AhSL5XR 068AhSL5XS 06B1hSL5XT 068AhSL5XU 068AhSL5Y5 06B1hSL5ZE 06B1hSL5ZJ 06B1hSL633 068AhSL634 068AhSL64V 06B1hSL656 06B1hSL68C 0F13hSL68D 0F13hSL68G 06B1hSL68P 06B1hSL69Z 0F13hSL6A2 0F13hSL6C5 06B4hSL6C6 06B4hSL6C7 06B4hSL6C8 06B4hSL6CA 06B4hSL6HY 0F27hSL6JR 06B4hSL6JS 06B4hSL6JT 06B4hSL6JU 06B4hSL6JV 06B4hSL6LB 0F27hSL6LC 0F27hSL6RS 0F27hSL6RT 0F27hSL6RV 0F27hSL6RW 0F27hSL6SW 0F27hSL6SX 0F27hSL6SY 0F27hSL6T2 0F27hSL6T5 0F27hSL6V2 0F27hSL6VR 0F29hSL6VS 0F29hSL6VT 0F29hSL6VU 0F27hSL6VU 0F29hSL6VV 0F27hSL6VY 0F29hSL6VZ 0F29hSL6W2 0F29hSL6W4 0F29hSL6W5 0F27hSL6WC 0F29hSL6WD 0F29hSL6XG 0F27hSL6XJ 0F27hSL6ZY 0F29hSL72B 0F29hSL77S 0F29hSL77T 0F29hSL77U 0F29hSL77V 0F29hSL7EZ 0F29hSL7RU 0F29h
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