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INTEL SSPEC CPUID » Intel Pentium 4
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SL7PP 0F41h
Intel Pentium 4
Core Steppings
Speed Core Bus
L2 Size Cache Stepping
Package And Revision
35.0 x 35.0 mm FC-mPGA4 Rev 2.0
Doc Source
Intel Pentium 4 Processor on 90 nm Process Specification Update
Doc Part
Intel Pentium 4 Processor on 90 nm Process Processor Identification Information

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SL4QD 0F07hSL4SC 0F07hSL4SF 0F07hSL4SG 0F07hSL4SH 0F07hSL4TY 0F07hSL4WS 0F0AhSL4WT 0F0AhSL4WU 0F0AhSL4WV 0F0AhSL4X2 0F0AhSL4X3 0F0AhSL4X4 0F0AhSL4X5 0F0AhSL4X5 0F0hSL57V 0F0AhSL57W 0F0AhSL59U 0F0AhSL59V 0F0AhSL59X 0F0AhSL5FW 0F0AhSL5GC 0F0AhSL5N7 0F0AhSL5N8 0F0AhSL5N9 0F0AhSL5SX 0F12hSL5SY 0F12hSL5SZ 0F12hSL5TG 0F12hSL5TJ 0F12hSL5TK 0F12hSL5TL 0F12hSL5TN 0F12hSL5TQ 0F12hSL5UE 0F12hSL5UF 0F12hSL5UG 0F12hSL5UJ 0F12hSL5UK 0F12hSL5UL 0F12hSL5US 0F0AhSL5UT 0F0AhSL5UV 0F0AhSL5UW 0F0AhSL5VH 0F12hSL5VJ 0F12hSL5VK 0F12hSL5VL 0F12hSL5VM 0F12hSL5VM 0F12hSL5VN 0F12hSL5WG 0F12hSL5WH 0F12hSL5YR 0F24hSL5YS 0F24hSL5ZU 0F24hSL62P 0F24hSL62Y 0F12hSL62Z 0F12hSL63X 0F24hSL65R 0F24hSL668 0F24hSL679 0F13hSL67A 0F13hSL67B 0F13hSL67C 0F13hSL67R 0F24hSL67Y 0F24hSL67Z 0F24hSL682 0F24hSL683 0F24hSL684 0F24hSL685 0F24hSL68Q 0F24hSL68R 0F24hSL68S 0F24hSL68T 0F24hSL6BC 0F13hSL6BD 0F13hSL6BE 0F13hSL6BF 0F13hSL6DU 0F27hSL6DV 0F27hSL6DW 0F27hSL6E7 0F27hSL6E8 0F27hSL6E9 0F27hSL6EE 0F27hSL6EF 0F27hSL6EG 0F27hSL6GQ 0F27hSL6GR 0F27hSL6HL 0F27hSL6JJ 0F27hSL6K6 0F27hSL6K7 0F27hSL6LA 0F27hSL6PB 0F29hSL6PC 0F29hSL6PD 0F29hSL6PE 0F29hSL6PF 0F29hSL6PG 0F29hSL6PK 0F29hSL6PL 0F29hSL6PM 0F29hSL6PP 0F29hSL6Q7 0F29hSL6Q8 0F29hSL6Q9 0F29hSL6QA 0F29hSL6QB 0F29hSL6QC 0F29hSL6QL 0F29hSL6QM 0F29hSL6QN 0F29hSL6QP 0F29hSL6QQ 0F29hSL6QR 0F29hSL6RY 0F27hSL6RZ 0F27hSL6S2 0F27hSL6S3 0F27hSL6S4 0F27hSL6S5 0F27hSL6S6 0F27hSL6S7 0F27hSL6S8 0F27hSL6S9 0F27hSL6SA 0F27hSL6SB 0F27hSL6SK 0F27hSL6SL 0F27hSL6SM 0F27hSL6SR 0F27hSL6WE 0F29hSL6WF 0F29hSL6WG 0F29hSL6WH 0F29hSL6WJ 0F29hSL6WK 0F29hSL6WR 0F29hSL6WS 0F29hSL6WT 0F29hSL6WU 0F29hSL6Z3 0F25hSL6Z5 0F25hSL793 0F29hSL79B 0F25hSL79K 0F33hSL79L 0F33hSL79M 0F33hSL7AA 0F25hSL7AJ 0F33hSL7B8 0F33hSL7B9 0F33hSL7BK 0F25hSL7CH 0F25hSL7D7 0F33hSL7D8 0F33hSL7E2 0F34hSL7E3 0F34hSL7E4 0F34hSL7E5 0F34hSL7E6 0F34hSL7E8 0F33hSL7E9 0F33hSL7EY 0F29hSL7FY 0F33hSL7GD 0F25hSL7J4 0F34hSL7J5 0F34hSL7J6 0F34hSL7J7 0F34hSL7J8 0F34hSL7J9 0F34hSL7K9 0F34hSL7KA 0F34hSL7KB 0F34hSL7KC 0F34hSL7KD 0F34hSL7KH 0F34hSL7KJ 0F34hSL7KK 0F34hSL7KL 0F34hSL7KM 0F34hSL7KN 0F34hSL7L4 0F34hSL7L5 0F34hSL7L8 0F34hSL7L9 0F34hSL7LA 0F34hSL7NF 0F25hSL7NZ 0F41hSL7P2 0F41hSL7PK 0F41hSL7PL 0F41hSL7PM 0F41hSL7PN 0F41hSL7PP 0F41hSL7PR 0F41hSL7PT 0F41hSL7PU 0F41hSL7PW 0F41hSL7PX 0F41hSL7PY 0F41hSL7PZ 0F41hSL7Q2 0F41hSL7YP 0F34hSL7YU 0F34SL7YV 0F34SL7Z3 0F43hSL7Z4 0F43hSL7Z5 0F43hSL7Z7 0F43hSL7Z8 0F43hSL7Z9 0F43hSL82U 0F41hSL82V 0F41hSL82X 0F41hSL82Z 0F41hSL833 0F41hSL84X 0F41hSL84Y 0F41hSL85U 0F41hSL85V 0F41hSL87L 0F41hSL88F 0F41hSL88G 0F41hSL88H 0F41hSL88J 0F41hSL88K 0F41hSL88L 0F41hSL8AB 0F43hSL8B3 0F41hSL8HX 0F41hSL8HZ 0F41hSL8J2 0F41hSL8J5 0F41hSL8J6 0F41hSL8J7 0F41hSL8J8 0F41hSL8J9 0F41hSL8JA 0F41hSL8JX 0F49hSL8JZ 0F49hSL8K2 0F49hSL8K4 0F49hSL8PL 0F49hSL8PM 0F49hSL8PN 0F49hSL8PP 0F49hSL8PQ 0F49hSL8PR 0F49hSL8PS 0F49hSL8PY 0F4AhSL8PZ 0F4AhSL8Q5 0F4AhSL8Q6 0F4AhSL8Q7 0F4AhSL8Q9 0F4AhSL8QB 0F4AhSL8U4 0F49hSL8U5 0F41hSL8UP 0F4AhSL8ZY 0F49hSL8ZZ 0F49hSL9C5 0F49hSL9C6 0F49hSL9CA 0F49hSL9CB 0F49hSL9CD 0F49hSL9CG 0F49hSL9CJ 0F49hSL9CK 0F49h
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