Clonare un Hard Disk
con Windows 98 SE
su un "SSD" Compact Flash
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1199 (Gigabyte)
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1101 (Sunlogix Inc)1102 (Soyo)1103 (Tidalpower Technology Inc)1105 (Autocomputer Co)1106 (Dynasty Computer Inc)1107 (Dataexpert)1108 (Chaplet)1109 (Fair Friend Ent. Co)1111 (Paoku P&C Co)1112 (Aquarius Systems Inc)1113 (Micro Leader Enterprises)1114 (Iwill)1115 (Senor Science Co)1116 (Chicony)1117 (Atrend)1120 (Unicorn)1121 (FIC (FICA))1122 (Microstar)1123 (Magtron Technology Co)1124 (Tekram)1126 (Chuntex Elex)1128 (Chaintech)1130 (Pai Jung Electronic Ind)1131 (ECS (Elitegroup))1131 (PC Chips (Hsin Tech))1132 (Dkine Enterprise Co)1133 (Seritech)1135 (Acer)1136 (Sun_s Electronics Co)1138 (Win-Win Elecronic Co)1140 (Angine Limited Taiwan Branch (H. K.))1141 (Nuseed Technology Inc)1142 (Firich Enterprises Co)1143 (Crete Systems Inc)1144 (Vista Technology Co)1146 (Taste Corporation)1147 (Integrated Technology Express)1150 (Achitec)1151 (Accos Enterprise Co)1152 (Top-Thunder Technology Co)1154 (San Li)1156 (Technica House)1158 (Hi-Com Industrial Co)1159 (Twinhead)1161 (Monterey International Corp)1163 (Softek Systems Co)1165 (Mercury Computer Corporation)1168 (RioWorks Solutions)1169 (Microstar)1169 (Nec)1170 (Taiwan Igel Co)1171 (Shing Yunn Electronics Enterprise Corp)1172 (Giantec)1175 (Applied Component Technology Corp)1176 (Sigma Computer Corp)1177 (High Tech Computer Corp)1178 (Clevo)1180 (Padalin International Development Corp)1181 (Leo Systems Inc)1182 (Alpha-Top Corporation)1183 (Mirle Automation Corporation)1184 (Delta Electronics)1188 (Quanta Computer)1190 (Chips and Technologies)1192 (ICP)1193 (Ser Comm Corp)1195 (Gns Technoloies Inc)1196 (Universal Scientific Industrial)1197 (Golden Way Electronic Corp)1199 (Gigabyte)1201 (New Tech)1203 (Sunrex Technology Corp)1204 (Bestekcomputer Co)1206 (Olivetti)1209 (Puretek Industrial Co)1210 (Rise Computer)1211 (DFI)1214 (Rever Computer Inc)1218 (ECS (Elitegroup))1221 (Darter)1222 (Domex (DTC))1223 (Biostar)1225 (Yunglin Technology Corp)1229 (Dataworld International Corp)1234 (Leadman Electronic Co)1235 (Formosa Industrial Computing)1238 (Win Tech Technology Co)1241 (Mustek)1242 (Amptek Technology Co)1244 (Flytech Group International)1246 (Cosmotech Computer Corp)1247 (Abit)1248 (Muse Technology Co)1251 (Portwell Infotech)1252 (Sono Computer)1256 (Lucky Star)1258 (Four Star Computer Co)1259 (GVC)1260 (Dt Research Inc)1262 (Arima)1266 (Modula Tech Co)1270 (Portwell Inc)1271 (Tidal Technolongies Inc)1272 (Ultima Electronics Corp)1273 (Ufo Computer Co)1274 (Full Yes)1275 (Jackson Dai Industrial Co)1276 (Jetway)1277 (Trangg Bow)1281 (EFA)1283 (Advance Creative Computer Corp)1284 (Lung Hwa Electronics Co)1286 (Askey)1291 (TMC (Taiwan MyComp Corporation))1292 (Asus)1297 (DD&TT Enterprise Inc)1299 (Trigem)1301 (Taken)1304 (Dual Enterprises Corporation)1309 (Protronic Enterprises Corp)1317 (New Comm Technology Co)1318 (Unitron)1323 (Inventec)1343 (Shuttle (Holco))1346 (Snobol Industrial Corp)1347 (PC Chips (Hsin Tech))1351 (Singdak Electronic Co)1353 (J-Bond)1354 (Protech Systems)1355 (Arrgo Systems Inc)1367 (Coxswain Technology Co)1368 (ASROCK Incorporation)1371 (ADI)1373 (Silicon Integrated Systems Corp)1379 (WinTechnologies (Edom))1391 (Aten International Co)1392 (Acc Taiwan Inc)1393 (Plato Technology Co)1396 (Tatung)1398 (Spring Circle)1400 (Key Win Electronics)1403 (Uniwill)1404 (Alptech Logic Products Inc)1421 (Well Join Industry)1422 (Labway Computer Co)1425 (Lindata Corp)1437 (PC Chips (Hsin Tech))1440 (Great Electronics Corporation)1450 (Win Lan)1451 (Ecel Systems Corp)1452 (United Hitech Corporation)1453 (Kaimei)1461 (Hedonic Computer Co)1462 (Arche Technologies Inc)1470 (Flexus Computer Technology)1470 (Free Tech)1472 (Datacom Technology Co)1484 (Mitac)1490 (Great Tek Corp)1491 (President Technology Inc)1493 (Artdex Computer Corp)1494 (Pro Team Computer Corp)1500 (Netcon Co)1503 (Up Right Tech Co)1514 (Wuu Lin Electronics Co)1519 (EPoX)1526 (Eagle Computer Technology Co)1531 (Force System Inc)1540 (BCM)1546 (Golden Horse Computer Co)1549 (Ct Continental Corp)1564 (Random Technology Inc)1576 (Jetta)1585 (Gleem Industries Co)1588 (Boser)1593 (Advantech)1594 (Mitac)1608 (CMC)1612 (Datavan International)1617 (Honotron Corporation)1618 (Union Genius Computer Co)1621 (New Paradise Enterprise Co)1622 (R.P.T. Intergroups International)1628 (Digital Equipment International)1630 (Iston Computer Corp)1647 (Lantic Inc)1652 (Ase Technologise Inc)1655 (Kingston Technology Inc)1656 (Storage System Inc)1658 (Macrotek)1666 (Cast Technology Inc)1671 (Cordial Far East Corp)1672 (Lapro Corporation)1675 (Advanced Scientific Corp)1685 (High Ability Computer Co)1691 (Gain Technology Co)1697 (Olivetti)1700 (Dsg Technology Inc)1707 (Chaining Computer & Communiction Co)1708 (E-San Electronic Co)1719 (Taiwan Turbo Technology Co)1720 (Fantas Technology Co)1723 (Ntk Computer Inc)1737 (Ay Ruey International Co)1739 (Jetpro Infotech Co)1743 (Mitac)1759 (BEK-Tronic Technology)1762 (Ansoon Technology Co)1770 (AOpen)1771 (Toyen Computer Co)1774 (Acer Sertek Inc)1776 (Joss Technology)1780 (Acrosser)1783 (Efar Microsystems, Inc Taiwan Bran)1788 (Systex Corporation)1792 (U-Board)1794 (Cmt-Taiwan, Inc)1796 (J&J Technology)1800 (Syzygia Computer Corporation)1801 (Palit Microsystems Inc)1806 (Interplanetary Information Co)1807 (Expert Electronic Corp)1810 (Elechands International Co)1815 (Powertech)1820 (Ovis Enterprises Co)1823 (Inlog Microsystem)1826 (Tercomputer Technologies Corp)1827 (Anpro Inc)1828 (AXIOM)1840 (New Union H.K. New Union H.K.)1845 (Pc Direct Technology Co)1846 (Garnet International Corp)1847 (Brain Power Co)1850 (Htr Asia Pacific Inc)1853 (Veridata Electronics Inc)1856 (Smart D&M Technology)1867 (Lth Rong Electronic Enterprise Co)1868 (Soyo)1879 (Aeontech International Co)188 (Quanta Computer)1881 (Manufacturing Technology Resources)1888 (Seal International Corp)1889 (Rock Technology Lo)1906 (Freedom Data Technology Co)1914 (Aquarius Systems Inc)1917 (Source Of Computer Co)1918 (Lanner Electronics)1920 (Ipex Itg International)1924 (Join Incorporation)1926 (Kou Sheng Computer Co)1927 (Seahill Technology Co)1928 (Nexcom International Co)1929 (Cam Enterprise Inc)1931 (Aaeon)1932 (Kuei Hao Industrial Co)1933 (Asmt Corp)1934 (Silver Bally Inc)1935 (Prodisti Co)1936 (Codegen Technology Co)1937 (Orientech Electronics Corp,)1938 (Project Information Company,)1939 (Arbor Technology Corp)1940 (Suntop Computer Systems Corp)1941 (Funtech Entertainment Corp)1942 (Sunflower Systems Inc)1943 (Needs System Development Co)1945 (Norm Advanced Technology Corporation)1947 (Ten Yun Co)1948 (Beneon Co)1949 (National Advantages Computer Inc)1950 (Mits Technology Co,)1951 (Macromate Corp)1953 (Orlycon Enterprise Co)1954 (Chung Yu Electronics Co)1955 (Yamashita)1957 (High Large Corporation.)1958 (Young Micro Systems)1959 (Fastfame Technology Co., Ltd.)1960 (Acqutek Corporation)1961 (Deson Trade Inc)1962 (Astra Communication Corp)1963 (Dimensions Electronics Co)1964 (Micron Design Technology Limited)1965 (Cantta Enterprises Co)1968 (Khi Way Enterprise Co)1969 (Gemlight)1970 (Mat Technologies Limited Norm Advanced Technology Corp)1973 (Fugutech)1974 (Green Taiwan Computer Co)1975 (Supertone Electronic Co)1977 (AT&T Taiwan Telecommunications Co)1978 (Winco)1980 (Teryang Systems Co)1981 (Nexcom International Co)1982 (China Semiconductor Corporation)1985 (Top Union Electronics Corp)1986 (Dmp Electronics Co)1988 (Concierge Co, Ctd.)1989 (Atherton Technology Co)1990 (Expen Tech)1994 (Japan Cere_Bro Computers Inc)1996 (Ikon Technologies Corporation)1998 (Sono Computer)
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